Welcome to the Placerville Mobility Support Group

Welcome to the greater Placerville region's support group for individuals with any form of mobility impairment. We invite caregivers, friends, relatives, and persons with any mobility disorder to join us. Our Mission: To foster improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being for the mobility impaired

Mental Health

Mental health is crucial to all persons. It’s especially so for those having some form of mobility impairment. Recognizing this, the Placerville Mobility Support Group  helps the individual develop and maintain a healthy and full life.

Physical Health

Physical health is the basis on which mental and emotional health are built. The Placerville Mobility Support Group promotes physical activity –  however minimal – for all persons with disabilities.

Emotional Health

Traumatic injury or disease (SCI, MS, stroke, for example) can cause depression. The Placerville Mobility Support Group helps persons with disabilities develop tools to maintain emotional health.