Diane Ungles


Diane became involved with PMSG after a dear friend became disabled in 2014. She served as the Boards Secretary for two years, and the currently chair. Diane feels strongly that the general public needs to become aware of all the support and activities available to persons with mobility impairment. Every board has a key individual […]

Susan Atkinson


Susan is PMSG Board’s newest member; she joined in 2015. Having been in education for many years, Susan currently teaches. As well as working on event coordinating, Susan brings grant writing expertise to the Board, a much-needed skill in today’s economy.

Kenneth Curry


I’m a 61 year-old Dentist practicing in Plymouth from my wheelchair. I have been practicing dentistry for 33 years, 13 years in Woodland and 20 years in Plymouth. I was paralyzed on April 11, 2010, flying over the handle bars of a dirt bike, landing head first into a rock. The rest as they say […]

Amy Morrison


Amy Grew up in El Dorado California with her parents and two sisters. Since her accident in 2004 Amy has connected with her inner passions of tutoring, painting, and her newest endeavors; Accessible Yoga, herbal medicine, and botanicals. Amy became a C7 quadriplegic when she got into a bad car accident just after high school. […]