Information and humor hosted by Lynn Murray founder of Placerville Mobility Support Group.

1. Kay Pearson from United Spinal Association Accessibility Services Program created this great COVID ADA guidance document. Click this link then click the image to open full document.  COVID2020_GuidanceDoc

2. PMSG has masks  available for members. If interested please email Susan Atkinson at



4. Patterson Network Project (
A part of the Patterson Network’s staff is combining to form NorCalSCI ( ) to focus on consolidating the efforts of spinal cord injury support groups and organizations.

5. PMSG places ad in new El Dorado County Bike Map. The El Dorado Trail is a favorite recreation facility for area wheelers. We are pleased to demonstrate our appreciation for the County’s development and maintenance of the Trail system.

6. PMSG Board members Amy Morrison and Lynn Murray work with El Dorado County’s Active Living Leadership Team to encourage programs that improve the health of our area’s citizenry.

7. Sacramento Spinal Foundation hosts webinar, Monday, May 15 at 11:00AM – Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function Post-SCI presented by Dr. Graham Creasy. Register at

8. Walk A Mile in Her Shoes – May 13 2019, 10:00AM. See

9. PMSG communicates with area medical facilities to help patients recover from ambulation impairment due to injury or disease.

10. Go to United Spinal Association – Resource Center – SCI Knowledge Books – for info on over 50 sci-related topics!

Legislation Update


Please help assure that Centers for Medicaid Services will make manual wheelchair accessories (back rest, seat cushion, wheels, tires, brakes, etc.) Medicare deductible by going to now!

Used Equipment for Sale/Donation

A lasher sport, magnesium frame, while a big chair it still lighter than my aluminum every day chair.  Very useful for camping, hiking and getting out doors. The extra large front wheels makes it very easy for someone to push you or push yourself. It is a 18×19 seat. However, with a chair like this, it doesn’t need to be exactly your fit. It was originally $11,000 however I am looking to get around $5000. I just don’t use it any more, and need the funds to get my everyday chair fixed. Email me if your interested

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